Land Use and Zoning Attorney NJ

land use zoning attorney nj

Land use and zoning laws present a unique set of challenges for both residential and commercial property and development. Navigating through the complex and myriad legal processes under these laws can feel overwhelming. If not done right, they can lead to delays, heavy fines, and even termination of the project. 

The real estate attorneys at Sekas Law Group handle a wide range of real estate matters. Contact our law firm today and learn more about how our experienced lawyers can handle all your legal issues related to the permitting processes at the local, state, and federal levels. 

We help our clients with the following real estate law issues: 

  • Zoning applications and permits
  • Site plan approvals
  • Special use permits
  • Bulk and use variances
  • Grading permits
  • Subdivision approvals
  • Zoning litigation and appeals
  • Easement disputes
  • Environmental clearances and issues (Clean Water and Clean Air Act)
  • Housing development
  • Boundary line modifications
  • Inverse condemnation
  • Setback variances
  • Retail development and shopping center development

NJ Land Use Attorney

Land use laws exist to govern the use of public and private real estate and its development. These laws apply to both commercial and residential properties. It is important to comply with these laws right from the beginning of any real estate project to avoid potential legal hurdles and heavy monetary penalties. 

If you want help with your legal issues, but are confused and wondering “where can I find an NJ land use attorney near me?”, contact the Sekas Law Group. Our real estate lawyers serve clients throughout New York and New Jersey. 

NJ Real Estate Zoning Ordinances

New Jersey laws permit each municipality to have its own building and zoning laws. Thus, the regulations and application processes may vary from municipality to municipality. This makes the procedure of applying for variances and obtaining approvals and permits complicated. 

If you are wondering where I can find a lawyer in New Jersey who will help understand the zoning laws in my area, contact the Sekas Law Group today. Our attorneys at our firm can help you with all the diversified and complicated municipal rules and laws. 

New York and New Jersey Land Use and Zoning Lawyer

The experienced team of lawyers at the Sekas Law Group serves a wide variety of clients including developers, homeowners, public authorities, condominium and co-op boards, landowners, buyers, lenders, contractors, and builders with their land use and zoning issues.

From obtaining the necessary permits and approvals to litigating zoning matters in court or appealing decisions, our law firm provides legal counsel for all types of residential and commercial projects. We help our clients with both the procedural and substantive requirements of law and offer them practical legal advice that also makes business sense to them.

If you are involved in any type of commercial or residential legal project but have no idea about how to navigate through law requirements, you might be wondering, “where can I find an experienced land use and zoning attorney near me?” 

Our real estate attorneys are here to help you. Contact us today here or call us at (201) 816-1333 or (212) 695-7577.

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