Customized Creation And Handling Of Wills, Trusts And Estates

It is important to protect yourself, your family and the assets you have worked so hard for throughout your lifetime. One way protection can be achieved is through the creation of a comprehensive estate plan. If you don’t have an estate plan, the life and success you’ve worked so hard to build can be decimated and you may not get to pass the fruits of your labor on to your loved ones. Everyone can benefit from an estate plan, including those starting a business or building their careers, those in the middle years of their work, retirement-aged individuals and parents of young children.

At the Sekas Law Group, LLC, we represent individuals and families, business owners, clients with high net worth estates and others who require detail-oriented and practical planning strategies. Our firm provides a wide range of estate planning services that are designed to suit your current needs and future objectives. Our services include estate tax avoidance and planning, asset preservation, business succession planning, powers of attorney and other documents or designations needed to secure your estate. Working with our clients, we develop planning strategies suited for their unique situation to achieve their personal goals while minimizing the gift, inheritance and estate tax impact of their decisions.

Guardianship Assistance

In addition, the attorneys at the Sekas Law Group, LLC, have experience in successfully conducting guardianship proceedings. Our team has helped numerous people secure the legal status they need to be able to truly help their incapacitated loved ones. When someone needs to be able to take action on the behalf of those who can no longer care for their own affairs, the Sekas Law Group, LLC, can quickly and efficiently secure the appointment of guardians.

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We can begin protecting your assets and planning for your future today. Get in touch with our experienced firm to schedule an appointment.

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