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If you are injured in a vehicular accident, and although each case is different, you may be able to get damages to cover medical bills, physical impairment, wages lost because you couldn’t work and damage to your property. Timely action is critical to ensure the preservation of evidence and prompt investigation.

Our skilled personal injury attorneys at Sekas Law Group, LLC, will clearly explain all the legal aspects that apply to your case in clear, concise terms, and ensure that your case is properly investigated. We will help process any applicable “no-fault” insurance claims and will follow-up regularly throughout the claim process to assist in having your medical bills paid, reducing worry and simplifying the always-challenging insurance claim process for you. Throughout the years, we have handled thousands of automobile and motorcycle cases, often resulting in significant verdicts, awards and settlements based upon our experience and familiarity with these cases.

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Sekas Law Group, LLC, is proud to serve New Jersey and New York, providing professional legal services to personal injury victims and their loved ones. Contact our law office online or call us at (201) 816-1333 or (212) 695-7577 to discuss your case during a consultation if you have been injured in an accident. Discover for yourself why we are a leading personal injury law firm in New Jersey and New York.

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