Millions Recovered for New York and New Jersey Victims

$2.8 Million for damaged knee and multiple surgeries due to a trucking accident

$2.5 Million for Malpractice for fractured Hip at Hospital.

$2.4 million for electrocution from a NYC subway station.

$1.8 Million in Motorcycle accident for fracture femur and hip.

$1 million for NYC truck accident with fractured femur and hip.

$750,000 for Nursing Malpractice in NJ from mishandling patient prior to surgery.

$750,000 for fractured knee from a slip and fall on snow and ice in Hillsdale, NJ.

$750,000 NY car accident for a fractured femur.

$500,000 for a NJ motorcycle being hit by a boat trailer on the highway needing pins and screws.

$350,000 for a fractured ulna needing surgery from Nutley, NJ.

$250,000 for a dog bite.

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